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Specialising in Post-partum

I trained as a generalist, using various modalities of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Microsystems. I love that I can treat anyone who comes through my door. It wasn't until I personally went on a journey with baby loss and grief that I became aware of the unique ways acupuncture can help alleviate symptoms during that fragile post-natal time, whether the outcome of the pregnancy is happy or difficult.



In traditional Chinese culture, the first 40 days after giving birth, TFMR or a miscarriage are known as "zuò yuè zi" or "sitting the month," are considered crucial for recovery and well-being. This period emphasises rest, nourishment, and gentle care to support the mother's physical and emotional health. 

During the first 40 days postpartum, TCM views the mother's body as particularly vulnerable, requiring special attention by an acupuncturist to replenish Qi (vital energy) and balance Yin and Yang energies. Acupuncture, stimulates energy flow and promote healing. For new mothers, acupuncture can address common postpartum issues such as


  • Fatigue

  • Pain

  • Bleeding

  • Night sweats,

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Emotional fluctuations.

Book in within your first 6 weeks after giving birth, bring baby, bring your partner/ friend, walk round the garden til baby sleeps,  or find one hour to focus on you - I offer complete flexibility for new mums. 


Pregnancy Loss

For women who have experienced stillbirth, miscarriage, TFMR, or termination, acupuncture can be a valuable tool in promoting both the physical healing and supporting emotional well-being. Many of the postpartum side affects which still affect women even if they loose the baby can be treated such as:

  • Reducing milk supply

  • Pain and Bleeding

  • Emotional turmoil

  • Insomnia

  • Nightsweats

  • Grief/Anger

Acupuncture treatments tailored to the individual's constitution can help regulate the menstrual cycle, balance hormones, and support uterine health, increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy in the future. Moreover, acupuncture can offer emotional support during the grieving process, helping women navigate the complex emotions associated with pregnancy loss and of course TTC again.

Book in within first 2 weeks of baby loss. 4 treatments over 2 weeks recommended. 

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