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Updated: Feb 17

What can we do this January to kick-start our health for 2024? Give our liver some love after all the festivities is a great start!


In acupuncture, the liver plays a crucial role in regulating emotions, storing blood and ensuring the free flow of energy throughout the body. The liver is known as the Commanding General of the body, having more than 500 functions.


If there’s an imbalance in the liver it can lead to various health issues, fatigue, digestive problems, menstrual irregularities, muscular-skeletal pain, insomnia to name a few. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is the organ that governs a woman’s health more than any other organ. What can you to if the above resonates with you?

Nourish your liver with a good clean diet, think about eating the rainbow and eat your last meal by 7.30pm so the liver has time to detoxify itself after digesting and cleansing the rest of the body.

Studies have shown a link between liver damage and external pollutants such as heavy metals and pesticides. Even chemicals in your house cleaning products can cause your liver to work extra hard. One way to reduce this exposure is to switch to more natural cleaning products or even make your own.  Good Housekeeping offers a great guide:

Your Skin is your largest organ and at its most vulnerable when wet. From soaps to moisturisers/ oils/ serums/ talc/ bubble bath/ shampoos and conditioners. All of them may contain chemicals which the liver then has to contend with. Switch to natural alternatives such as Tallow,

Book your appointment now to help get your liver working optimally.


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