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May - Don't let Pain stop you this summer!


When you injure the musculoskeletal system whether it’s an ankle, knee, neck or back it can very quickly affect every area of your life. It stops you doing what you need to do, sitting at a desk, driving the car, disturbing your sleep, leaving you unable to walk the dog, pick up children, clean the house, play sport etc.


Acupuncture can help. It is particularly useful in treating acute pain, muscle and joint problems, when it's still too sore to be manipulated by a manual therapist. Most musculoskeletal conditions can be treated very successfully as it not only alleviates pain, but reduces muscle spasm and inflammation by increasing blood flow and therefore mobility. Acupuncture addresses inflammation and swelling both directly and indirectly.


Acupuncture works by stimulating nerves, muscles and connective tissue triggering the response of neural pathways. This releases natural painkiller (endorphins) and hormones (serotonin) This alleviates pain, reduces inflammation and promotes healing. Once these reactions are triggered over a few days, a cumulative anti-inflammatory response happens, frequently accompanied by a decrease in swelling and pain from pre-treatment levels. Acupuncture can also achieve additional gains through targeting muscular tone in areas where it generates strain on the inflamed tissue. 

A common sports injury is sprains and strains. Acupuncture's anti-inflammatory effects can benefit acutely injured muscle, tendon, or ligament. All patients, and particularly athletes and physically active individuals, may benefit from acupuncture's muscle-cueing, motor pattern influences to address the faulty body mechanics that predispose one to injury. Acupuncture has been employed for hundred of years by the Chinese Sports Teams in the training and performance regimens of their athletes.


With an injury or a condition due to overuse, by reducing your pain (and drug therapy) with treatment you will be able to start your recovery and return to normal activities in the shortest possible time. If you have a chronic condition the emphasis is always on helping you to have more control of your symptoms and to become independent of acupuncture. The effect of acupuncture is usually accumulative and its pain relief/anti-inflammatory benefits builds up as treatment progresses.


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