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Calling all Mums!

Old mums, new mums, lost mums, tired mums, grieving mums, TTC mums, pre-natal mums and post-natal mums. I have seen them all in my clinic and for such a variety of reasons. Most recently a TFMR mum, I was able to support both physically and emotionally in the aftermath of such a traumatic experience.

In Chinese medicine, the first 42 days after giving birth is when you are closest to death and you’re completely looked after and nourished by the village around you with Acupuncture and herbs, bone broth and sweet teas. The only requirement of the new mother is to feed and cuddle their baby.

In the Western world we underestimate how much becoming/ being a mum takes it out of you. The fourth trimester is slowly gaining popularity. The energy, your sleep, the changes of your body and mind, the settling of hormones, the stress. It is crucial that you look after your health first as you’ll be able to do a much better job when you’re firing on all cylinders!

How can Acupuncture help you? These are some of the most common:

à      Balances hormones

à      Regulates Menstruation and cycle

à      Prepares the body for Pregnancy/ Menopause  

à    Boosts Energy levels

à      Increases Immunity

à      Helps Insomnia

à      Reduces Pain

à      Prevents Stress & Anxiety

à      Releases emotions, grief, irritability and anger

à      Encourages harmony with body & Mind

à      Gives you 1 hour of peace, stillness and serenity.

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